NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Glasgow Royal Infirmary

  • Dr Hannah Bayes – severe COPD, Research
  • Dr George Chalmers – interstitial lung disease, Pulmonary vasculitis (Scottish Systemic Vasculitis MCN), rare lung diseases
  • Dr Brian Choo-Kang – Tuberculosis and Respiratory infection, bronchiectasis, digital-health lead for GGC
  • Dr Mark Cotton – Tuberculosis and Respiratory infection, bronchiectasis
  • Dr Douglas Cowan – severe asthma, NRS Research
  • Dr Stephen Crawley – pulmonary embolism/Pulmonary vascular disease
  • Dr Eric Livingston – sleep and ventilation, training programme director
  • Dr John Maclay – lung cancer, NRS Research, bronchoscopy training lead
  • Dr Grace Murphy – severe asthma, undergraduate lead
  • Dr Claire Rooney – lung cancer
  • Dr Joris van der Horst – lung cancer, national bronchoscopy training lead
  • Dr Angela Wright – interstitial lung disease, Tuberculosis, bronchiectasis

Golden Jubilee National Hospital


  • Mr Rocco Bilancia – robotic thoracic surgery, lung volume reduction surgery, mesothelioma, diaphragmatic pathology
  • Mr Alan Kirk – development / training in robotic thoracic surgery, thymic and mediastinal disease, lung volume reduction surgery
  • Mr Nikos Kostoulas – Thoracic surgery with interest in lung cancer treatment in minimally invasive approach (video assisted & robotic), surgical management of emphysema (endobronchial valves and lung volume reduction surgery), thoracic infections
  • Mr Mathew Thomas – robotic thoracic surgery, pectus/chest wall/trauma, airway, segmentectomy

Inverclyde Hospital

  • Dr Sheonagh Law – general Respiratory, lung cancer, ILD, teaching
  • Dr Matthew Maycock – general Respiratory, lung cancer, pleural, thoracoscopy
  • Dr Claribel Simmons – general Respiratory, lung cancer, end stage lung disease and palliation

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

Inpatient Ward 7a

  • Dr Mel Brewis – pulmonary vascular disease, deputy training programme director
  • Dr Chris Carlin – sleep & breathing support, NRS senior investigator – respiratory innovation, clinical lead Respiratory medicine South sector
  • Dr Colin Church – pulmonary vascular disease, NRS fellow
  • Dr Martin Johnson – pulmonary vascular disease, physiology
  • Dr Nicola Lee – asthma, tuberculosis, physiology

Inpatient Ward 7b

  • Prof Kevin Blyth – pleural disease
  • Dr Scott Davidson – long term ventilation unit, deputy Medical director
  • Dr Nicola Deans – tuberculosis
  • Dr Neil McGlinchey – lung cancer, pleural disease
  • Dr Anne McKay – interstitial lung disease, postgraduate training, clinical governance
  • Dr Evelyn Millar – asthma
  • Dr Selina Tsim – lung cancer, pleural disease, NRS fellow

Inpatient Ward 7c

  • Dr Dave Anderson – interstitial lung disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, leads Respiratory managed clinical network
  • Dr Pete Kewin – asthma, allergy
  • Dr Caroline O’Dowd – sleep, undergraduate teaching
  • Dr Joe Sarvesvaran – lung cancer
  • Dr Debbie Whitters – lung cancer, bronchiectasis, lung infections, pulmonary embolic disease

Inpatient Ward 7d

  • Dr Steve Bicknell – cystic fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, vasculitis
  • Prof Gordon Macgregor – cystic fibrosis, lung cancer, NRS senior investigator
  • Dr Ruth McCartney – long term ventilation unit, high dependency
  • Dr Ewen Ross – cystic fibrosis, TB, airways disease, clinical governance
  • Prof Malcolm Shepherd – allergy, University – deputy head medical school
  • Dr Stephen Thomson – Cystic fibrosis, lung cancer